学术讲座:Functional oxide thin films for nanoelectronic and energy harvesting

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讲座题目:Functional oxide thin films for nanoelectronic and energy harvesting

时  间:2018年4月19日(星期四)  上午 10:00

地  点:兴庆校区  教二南楼  304会议室

讲座内容摘要:Metal oxides exhibiting fascinating physical/chemical properties have been focused on for decades in experimental and theoretical studies. They are used nowadays in key applications across all industrial sectors. Especially ferroelectric oxides are attractive candidates in modern technology, as like energy harvesting from vibrational and thermal sources cheaper, nanoelectronic, photonic and sensors. In the talk, we will describe novel applications for energy systems, optical and electronic devices using ferroelectric oxide thin films.

报告人简介:Bertrand Vilquin (associate professor, Ecole Centrale de Lyon) has been working on integration of perovskite materials since the beginning of his PhD in 1999 at Université de Caen (France). In 2002, he joined the Institute for Scientific and Industrial Research at Osaka University (Japan) for a 2-years post doctorate fellowship. Then he moved to Université Paris XI to work on an industrial project with ALTIS Semiconductors to realize New Generation of nanoscale MRAM devices. In 2006, he became lecturer at Ecole Centrale de Lyon working on the integration of perovskite materials on silicon though academic and industrial projects. He is co-author of more than 80 scientific papers and was 12 times invited speakers in international conferences (h-factor: 17). He has a rich experience in both national and international research projects and had been the coordinator of 2 ANR projects. He is director of the “nanoscale engineering” master course of University of Lyon.



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